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fair wages        

carbon reduced

environmentally & socially sustainable

Why you should feel good about wearing our T-Shirts


Ethical and Sustainable

Our products are designed and printed in Australia. We mainly source Earth Positive Ts  and you can't get greener than that. EP are GOTS certified:

  • organic – the cotton is 100% monsoon rain fed and no chemicals used to protect farmers and their families;
  • fair wear – every person is paid a living wage;
  • 90% reduced carbon footprint –  30 wind turbines power the factory.

Earth Positive reflect our philosophy of committing to the highest ethical, social and environmental standards. Check out Earth Positive's 10 steps to a green supply chain 


Wisdom driven Ts that make you think

Our T-Shirt messages draw on the wisdom  from many different spiritual, literary, cultural & philosophical traditions.  Along with our blogs and video responses from young and old alike, we hope to generate a deeper and different discussion about our human nature and the world in which we exist.   It is about drawing on the wisdom we all hold,  and making a contribution  to change.

 You will not be wearing a meaningless mass produced T-shirt.  Wisdom underpins all our T-Shirts which are  both serious and fun.  They contain  philosopher Peter Wertheim's original and  quirky images as well as ones he has done collobartively with his partner Janine and other friends .  We believe that they will bring happiness to those who wear them and for those that see them. 

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