Meet the Team


Janine and Peter

Janine Quine is an educator who has worked with mainstream and marginalised communities in schools, universities, and in remote and urban communities.  She is interested in transformative education, studies of religions, and was part of the Philosophy in Schools movement.

Peter Wertheim was formerly a lecturer in political and social philosophy at the University of Queensland in the 1960s and 1970s. He later went on to study cross-cultural and spiritual traditions. Now he is content to sit and reflect on the state of the world. He says that he is approaching ninety and has become a devoted house person. 

Both are very involved in Aboriginal and Islander visions of life, and are committed to peace, which includes environmental and socially sustainable practices. 

Both think t-shirts are an interesting and creative medium in which to introduce new ideas that challenge long held assumptions. 

Many thanks go to our collective of family and friends who have supported us in this venture. Particular thanks go to Uli who gave us the first calendar, and to Cathy who helped make the prints for the exhibition — they both started us on this journey.

Stacey McMaster


Hi, I’m Stacey McMaster, photographer and model of T-Shirts for LooArte. I’ve always had an interest in photography and am currently studying Visual Design and Media at QUT. In 2017, I was selected as a finalist in the Brisbane Art Prize in their Photography segment. Am an avid photographer in my spare time. I use a Canon 1000D and also use my iPhone – which I sometimes prefer.

Roslyn McMaster


I've had the bestest of times helping with the Looarte website.  Well, I uploaded some pictures but who's counting?  It's an honor to work with Peter and Janine, being part of this dynamic creative team and getting swept up in their 'collective ideal'. 

When I'm not creating web sites, I'm busily writing my first book.  Stay tuned LooArte-ites!

They're Coming


They're Coming


They're Coming


They're Coming