Welcome To Ruby Tuesdays

Ruby is 70, outrageous, intelligent and very funny. She shares her experiences and what she has come to learn as a not-your-run-of-the-mill mother, fearless activist, book shop owner, Buddhist, doily collector, school support officer, writer, and lover of high tea and elevated conversation. 

Sex in Your 70s

Bold.  Sassy.  Telling it like it is.  Ruby holds nothing back in her candid look at the sex lives of an older generation.

Being Single

Being Single – Having been a single mother for 35 years, Ruby knows how to live life to its fullest. Would being part of a couple enhance Ruby’s life? Never, says Ruby!


Needing help to move through anxiety and depression?  Ruby has a way forward......


Ruby says "Be subversive if you are serious about changing the status and quo"


Do you really need to find the true one to make you feel complete? Definitely not says Ruby.

The Invisible Aging Woman

Ruby shares her wisdom on strategies she uses to prevent feeling invisible as she gets older.

Organised Religion & Spirituality

You can have your own beliefs without being into an organised religion.  What events bought Ruby to this understanding.