What We're About


LooARTe Vision

Our vision is to develop a creative platform from which to talk about wisdom. Wisdom is a word we don’t hear much anymore, but one that is a powerful catalyst for individual and societal change if harnessed. We see the impact of living in a world that is environmentally, socially and spiritually unsustainable and believe that focusing on wisdom, rather than just acquiring more expertise knowledge, is the way to go.

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Our Aim

Our aim is to start discussions  — starting with our serious and humorous t-shirts using Peter’s art — that  provide alternate ways of seeing ourselves and the world around us, and to help us connect to and with the wisdom we all hold within us. It is our small contribution to a growing number of people working towards the same outcome.

These are T-shirts that you can feel good about buying!nteresting about your business here.


LooARTe Business Model

Our business model reflects our philosophy of non-exploitation of human, animal or environment.  We source our t-shirts and tote bags from Earth Positive because they are the only apparel company certified as organic cotton, ethically traded and 90% carbon reduced manufacturing.  We are also in the process of changing over to using eco-friendly ink for screen-printing.

Our buying relationships support grassroots community development projects that focus on both the social aspects of reengaging people in the community and supporting minority groups, as well as the environmental aspects of upcycling and recycling. 


How It All Began

LooARTé Collective started in 2013 with a partially blank hand-made calendar template that was given as a gift to founders Janine and Peter. It was hung on the toilet wall with a box of coloured pencils and was the impetus for family and friends to write their thoughts and sketches — hence the name LooARTé was conceived. 

Over time, Janine and 'loo' visitors recognised that Peter’s sketchings were so engaging that they deserved an exhibition of their own. With  the help of friends, Janine organised his images to be made into prints and exhibited alongside the work of his established artist friends. 

Of course, there are those who question whether his art is merely ‘shithouse art.'


Why "Collective"

‘Collective’ is an acknowledgement that everything we accomplish is because of others that have supported or nurtured us in whatever form it takes. 

While Janine had the vision and energy to initiate and organise both the art exhibition and the t-shirt business, it was only through the help and input of a collective of family and friends that she was able to take Peter’s art and philosophies to a wider audience. 

‘Collective’ also refers to all the ancient and contemporary thinkers whose wisdom have nurtured Peter over many decades.